James Steele Electrical Services Ltd provide a full range of electrical testing services covering all aspects of the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Domestic Installation

Can be issued by a Domestic or Approved Contractor

Domestic Installation Certificates are for:

  • New electrical installations
  • Alteration or Addition to existing installations where new circuits are installed
  • Domestic properties only

Minor Works Certificate

  • Minor Works Certificates are intended to be used only for an addition or alteration to an existing circuit that does not extend to the provision of a new circuit.
  • This certificate may also be used for the replacement of equipment such as accessories or luminaires.

Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Lighting Certificates are for:

  • New Commercial emergency lighting installations
  • Verification of existing installations

Electrical Conditioning Reports

Electrical Conditioning Reports are for: i.e Landlord Safety Checks

  • To determine so far as is reasonably practical whether an electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

PAT Testing

PAT Testing is for:

  • Appliances used by employees
  • Appliances used in establishments (schools, offices and hospitals)
  • Hired or supplied appliances
  • Repaired or serviced appliances